Intra Solar Tracker

INTRA is a solar tracker built for autonomous operation. Starting with the base unit, a line of options and accessories is available, making it a flexible tool to support radiation measurements.

Key Benefits of INTRA

  • Controller and 4-quadrant sensor integrated in base unit
  • Self-teaching firmware:: It learns where to find the sun.
  • Accurate timebase for tracking during cloudy periods
  • Rugged Design
  • Modular and flexible

INTRA Options include

  • mechanical interfaces for many types of instruments
  • single and dual shader option
  • heater option for operation in cold environment
  • auxilliary equipment to facilitate setting up the tracker

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Intra Solar Tracker Application Examples

: IzaƱa
: Shader
: Luca Egli, Sept/2016

: Summit Camp, Greenland
: Shader, Heater Option
: R.Brusa, Jul/2013

: PMOD/WRC Davos, Switzerland
: with dual shader kit and instrument-box on aux. flange
: R. Philipona, Dec/1995

: PMOD/WRC Davos, Switzerland
: with axis extension kit and 8 precision filter radiometers (PFR) built by PMOD/WRC.
: HJ. Roth, 2005